Global Textile Coatings Market By Type, By Application, By Segmentation, By Region, and By Country 2018 – 2025

The textile coating is defined as the process of depositing a resin over a textile substrate on one or two sides. Textile coatings offer additional properties to the fabric such as resistance to heat, water, grease, scratch, and soil. It makes the fabrics durable and provides the ability to perform high. Fabric level coating is a traditional method while yarn and fiber levels are modern technologies.
The Global Textile Coatings Market was worth USD XX million in 2017 and is forecasted to reach USD XX million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period (2018-2025).
Global Textile Coatings Market – Market Dynamics


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The global textile coating market is being driven by rising demand for waterproof, high quality, and heat resistant fabrics. In addition, the introduction of new innovative technologies or products are expected to open new markets for textile coatings. For instance, in 2018 Covestro has unveiled new products under its Insqin brand that enable the effective waterproof and breathable coating of textiles using waterborne technology. This new coating is applied in a two-layer system using newly developed polyurethane dispersion products Impraperm DL 5249 and Impraperm DL 5310.
Other factors responsible for the market growth include increasing performance standards in the end-use industries, quality standards and fire safety regulations. However, the European Chemicals Agency has identified DMF, the water-soluble solvent used in the production of polyurethane fabric coating, to be a substance of very high concern for environment.
Global Textile Coatings Market – Segmentation Analysis


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Global Textile Coatings Market – By Type, In 2017 (%)
Thermoplastics 65%
Thermosets 35%

On the basis of type, the global textile coatings Market is bifurcated into Thermoplastics, and Thermosets. Further, thermoplastics is segmented into Polyurethanes (PU), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Acrylics, and Others. Thermosets is segmented into Styrene-butadiene Rubber and Natural Rubber. Of these, Thermoplastics has dominated the market mainly due to increasing use of PVC’s in polymers. PVC is inexpensive, versatile, providing many desirable properties, and is widely known; It is the “standard” and more often first choice for many applications.
Also, PVC Coated textiles have several applications. It is the most common polymeric coating material used in the production of tarpaulins and tents. Its use in upholstery (‘synthetic leather’) and as protective clothing. Further, Over 75% of PU usage in textile coating is in fashion, sports, and footwear markets.
According to various recent studies, polymers are used in 88% of textile coating. PVC, the familiar vinyl, is used in over 40% of coated products. Other coating polymers include PU, plus elastomers such as various rubber compounds and silicone, are used for specific properties.
Global Textile Coatings Market – Geographical Analysis

Global Textile Coatings Market – By Region, In 2017 (%)
North America 20%
South America 10%
Europe 25%
Asia Pacific 35%
RoW 10%

Geographically, the global textile coatings market is segmented into North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and RoW. Of these, Asia Pacific dominates the textile coatings market in terms of value and volume.
According to Bayer AG, China is the dominant player, utilizing 90% of polyurethane (PU) used in textile coating. In the overall global textiles coating market, China is account for 65% of production while utilizing 25% of goods internally.
Europe has the second largest market share in textile coating. In Germany, the textile coating share in modern automotive and vehicle industry has already been very high and is still increasing. Owing to its high flexibility and its relatively light weight, textiles and nonwovens have many application possibilities and further applications are expected to follow. These are other factors expected to drive growth of the global textile coatings market.
Global Textile Coatings Market – Competitive Analysis
Major companies have adopted the agreement, product launch, expansion, and merger to sustain the intense competition in this market. The key players profiled in the report include The Lubrizol Corporation, Covestro AG, Huntsman International LLC., Solvay SA, Clariant AG, BASF SE, Omnova Solutions Inc., Tanatex B.V., Sumitomo Chemical Company.
In 2018, Sweden’s Trelleborg AB has acquired U.S.-based Laminating Coating Technologies Inc. (Lamcotec), as part of its strategy to strengthen its position in what it described as “attractive markets.”
In 2018, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies announced that it is acquiring Precision Custom Coatings’ (PCC’s) interlinings business as a key pillar of its US and worldwide expansion strategy.
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