Anti-War Organizations take an interest in Space Exploration

The innovation used in different space exploration has contributed to developing multiple commercial goods following its emergence. Water purification equipment for industrialized countries, cellular and broadcast tv, wireless technologies, cellular telephones, GPS, and other wireless tools are samples of these technologies. Throughout space technology, several of these instruments were initially utilized and subsequently amended to support other individuals. Space technology has contributed to developing innovative and advanced medical technologies like cancer screening technologies, small cardiac devices, and cosmetic surgery. In comparison, numerous protective products, such as fire-resistant clothing and standard fire alarms, have been produced.

On the other hand, the U.S had had its fair share of space technology long before the Trump administration instituted the Space Force. Consequently, the link between space and the military can be traceable since World War 2. The launch of SpaceX by Elon Musk displayed Trump’s success in space exploration. It became the first spaceship to be launched in the U.S…Recently, an anti-war organization addressed President-elect Joe Biden in a memo stating that the incoming administration should cut the military budget and advance in the Space Force. According to Politico, the memo outlined critical demands that the anti-war group needed to be enacted.

The key concepts included reducing support contractors in the pentagon, eliminating Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), and restricting the appointing of defense industry staff for executive DoD positions. Conversely, the anti-war group suggested removing GBSD, which aimed to innovate and develop the intercontinental ballistic missile, which would be an alternative for the Minuteman 3. The group stated that the Space Force is nothing short of unwanted bureaucracy that aims at military activity rather than space exploration. The Space Force accounted for $16 billion in the expenditure by 2021. 

Nevertheless, analysts stated that an executive order could not eliminate the Space Force since the body was enacted by Congress as the National Defense Authorization Act hence legally as the sixth segment of the armed forces. Sarah Minero stated that the move to eradicate the Space Force by anti-war groups is impractical since the Space Force has cemented a bipartisan backup from Capitol Hill. Mineiro added that the Space Force has been bicameral and thus highly unlikely to be eliminated following the progressive group’s demands. She concluded by stating that the Bidden administration will have more severe issues to solve, like the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and domestic affairs, rather than eliminate the Space Force.