Collaboration between Microsoft and SpaceX to help in Nuclear Weapons Launch Detection

SpaceX is developing satellites to detect missile launches globally, and to achieve that, it has adopted Microsoft’s Azure. The cloud-computing service will help SpaceX in the development and operation of the satellites.

Microsoft mentioned the partnership while announcing the modular datacenters. The company is working on platforms resembling shipping containers with cloud computing resources capable of working in every part of the world regardless of how remote it is.

Whereas SpaceX’s role in the $149-million contract is exact, constructing four satellites for the Department of Defense’s Space, Microsoft’s contribution is still unclear. All that SpaceX’s COO and president Gwynne Shotwell said was that Microsoft is a subcontractor and will be doing a considerable amount of work on the project. Microsoft wants SpaceX to explain it, whereas the rocket company is choosing not to comment about it. However, Microsoft’s announcement states that there will be a connection between the Azure’s Modular Datacenter (MDC) and Starlink’s satellite broadband that offers high speed and low-latency.

The MDC is suitable for mineral exploration, military missions, humanitarian assistance, and mobile command centers. As long as what you are looking for is secure and high intensive Azure’s computing, MDC is the best way to go, no doubt.

To ensure space has a fast network similar to Earth’s fiber-optic networks, SpaceX wants to launch up to 42,000 spacecraft. It will link them with lasers so that the speed will be remarkable.

The need for such satellites is to control missile attacks. It is no secret that missile launches mean lifting off dangerous weapons such as nuclear warheads, leading to mass destruction. Consequently, they emit strong infrared signatures as a result of the exhaust of their superheated rocket engines. The new satellites should be in a position to track that and inform appropriate parties. Upon getting the warning, preferably one hour before the attack, it becomes easy for them to respond accordingly to intercept the weapon.

The $149-million contract was yet another achievement of SpaceX. Ever since this Elon Musk’s idea saw the light of the day back in 2002, the progress is incredible. It also won the 2018 USA AIR Force contract worth $28 million. Its role was to connect some of its planes with the Starlink internet. The fact that it also won 40% of US Space Force launches for the next five years is also impressive.

It also plans to improve its self-landing rocket technologies. The success rate so far is reasonable after various Falcon 9 launches. The retrofit should see it fly over 80 metric tons of military cargo within an hour to any destination globally.