Electric vehicles commercialization in 2021

2021 is expected to be the year for the full commercialization of electric vehicles due to many carmakers pushing to manufacture these vehicles. Next month, Volvo Trucks North America is planning to start selling its VNR Electric regional Class 8 truck, Southern California deployment model, to distribute regional freight. There are over 70 trucks in this initiative, which will be tested by NFI Industries and Dependable Supply Chain Services. 

Early next year, VTNA will launch VNR Electric in full-scale production in Dublin, Va, its New manufacturing plant. The sales of these EVs are expected to start on 3rd December.  President of Volvo Trucks North America, Peter Voorhoeve, said that they are ready to provide their customers with a full electric-truck solution and giving them a complete package of service and support. The company also said that it’s ready for a worldwide shift to sustainable transport. 

In 2021, Rival Daimler Trucks North America plans to bring in service over 38 trucks. These include 12 medium-duty Freightliner eM2s and 26 Class 8 Freightliner eCascadias, which will be tested by a wide range of motor carriers and private fleets such as J.B. Hunt Transport Service, Sysco, Costco, UPS, and Knight-Swift Transportation. All these trucks have a service of 500,000 miles, which is almost equivalent to a single Class 8 diesel tractor’s useful life. In 2022, Daimler’s electric vehicles plan to begin to manufacture trucks version. 

The eM2s comprise Classes 6 and 7 trucks used in the food and beverage distribution and delivery. On the other hand, the eCascadias are used in drayage operations and regional and local distribution. After delaying for some years, Tesla is planning to launch the production of its semi-tractor, while BYD is now engaging in conversations with various customers concerning orders with a range of hundreds of trucks. 

With the likelihood that electric vehicle commercialization is booming, carmakers such as Mercedes-Benz and Ford are planning to produce light and medium-duty electric cargo vans. Amazon will test and expects to have over 10,000 on the road by early 2022. 

The executive director of the North America Council for Freight Efficiency, Mike Roeth, said that in 2021 many carmakers would come with real products for real clients. They will then start distributing them all over the country. The vehicles will be deployed beyond California, and as of now, the industry is keenly observing the first commercial trucks for Tesla. Mike added that Tesla could be the game-changer to provide its predictions for cost, charging costs, and range.