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Pardon the asking but where are Bevin’s promised charter schools?

The 2019 general election is less than two months away. Gov. Matt Bevin is running out of time to explain why, despite his 2015 campaign pledge, Kentucky has no charter schools.

Charter schools were authorized in 2017 but no school district in the state has been willing to share its state or local funds for that purpose.

Also, the General Assembly has not established any funding source for charter schools.

Dr. Wayne Lewis, his handpicked commissioner of education, has not helped the governor make any progress in keeping that promise. Bevin stacked the state school board with his pals and that didn’t help.

We believe there are two primary reasons that the governor can’t find allies for charter schools.

Already underfunded public schools can’t afford to give up any money.

The public is not convinced that unproven charter schools can raise academic performance.

It seems our governor has a solution in search of a problem.

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