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Carter County 4-H Members Earn Top Spots at Forestry Field Day

4-H youth from Carter, Elliot, Fleming, Magoffin, Morgan, and Pike counties attended the 4-H Forestry Field Day at Carter Caves State Park on Sept. 5.

The more than 45 youth had the opportunity to learn about Kentucky’s trees and forests as well as some of the skills that real-life foresters utilize every day while on the job.

The youth aged nine to 13 (Juniors) and 14 to 18 (Seniors) years of age were taught and tested on the basics of tree identification, tree measurement and the use of a compass and measuring distances by pacing. The instructors for the Forestry Event were foresters from the University of Kentucky Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, the Kentucky Division of Forestry and Carter County Cooperative Extension hosted the event.

The Junior 4-H Overall Ribbon winners for the combined three events:

  • First place – Emma Riggs – Carter County
  • Second place – James Wills – Carter County
  • Third place – Hadley Singer – Fleming County
  • The Senior 4-H Overall Ribbon winners for the combined three events:
  • First place – Jeremiah Wills – Carter County
  • Second place – Ethan Pope – Carter County
  • Third place – Katie Thacker – Morgan County
Front Row: Emma Riggs, Callie Lewis, Jackson Stewart, Landen Waggoner, Lola Frasier, Glory Wills, Maci Holbrook, Kylie Kouns | Back Row: Josiah Wills, James Wills, Darrin Yates, Trinity Prichard, Ethan Pope, MaKyla Waggoner, Jeremiah Wills, Ashton Moore, Jennings Ewing, Nevaeh Kouns, Alyssa Holbrook.

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