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Pardon us for asking, but when did the SOAR Summit become a GOP pep rally?

Gov. Matt Bevin and U. S. Rep. Hal Rogers are handing out federal grants across Eastern Kentucky like sailors celebrating payday.

In fact, the annual SOAR Summit in Pikeville this week could be rightly characterized as a Bevin-Rogers pep rally.

We are amused watching our governor frantically rushing around the state to stage ceremonial bill signings, cut ribbons on new or expanded factories, make grandiose announcements about more jobs and hand out routine state grants like candy.

He obviously is trying desperately to avoid defeat this year as the nation’s most unpopular governor. We’re still waiting for him to explain what happened to those 800 jobs promised at a now defunct battery factory in Pike County.

Rogers, on the other hand, doesn’t need that pork barrel politicking to be elected to his 21st term next year. We figure he is just trying to maintain his solid standing as a good soldier for the Republican Party.

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