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43 leaders and counting…

Last Wednesday concluded the fifth year for the Carter County Leadership Academy, bringing the total numbers of certified leaders to 43.

“The Leadership Academy was organized as a result of the efforts from the Carter County Community Partner’s organization,” academy coordinator Pat Collier said, “During the group’s 2013 county wide Summit, several committees were formed for a continuation of having a more formal way of blending resources throughout Carter County.”

One of those established committees was for adult leadership education and the leadership academy was born in 2014.

Members of the partner’s group attended the Brushy Fork Annual Institute on the campus of Berea College in 2013 to learn how to continually build its pool of engaged leaders with the use of the Brushy Fork Community Leadership Curriculum.

The curriculum was designed to be managed and implemented by local leaders, the program uses Brushy Fork materials to engage participants in the exploration and development of leadership skills.

Subjects range from personality identification, conflict management, and understanding local economics and typically lasts eight sessions. Lunch is provided by local businesses, sponsored this year by Racer’s Convenient Stores, ZZ’s Bar and Grill, and Tres Hermanos Nunez Mexican restaurant.

Four graduated from this year’s academy: Derrick Hay, of Commercial Bank, is establishing a Reading Exchange Box, Chris Prince, an East Carter High School Senior is working on Youth Substance Abuse education in school, Amy Sapp, of Commercial Bank, teamed up with Hay on the Reading Exchange Box, and Jeremy Wells, of the Grayson Journal-Enquirer, worked on Youth Poetry Slam/Youth Writing Group.

Applications for next year’s academy will be taken early next year and can be found by contacting Collier at

Cory Claxon can be reached at or by phone at (606) 225-5912.

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  1. Jerry Bryant Jerry Bryant September 3, 2019

    Why is it everything is important but when it comes to our COUNTY ROADS being DANGEROUS and NOT GETTING REPAIRED no one is saying nothing while our county leaders is wasting thousands of dollars on new trucks our county does not need this money should have went to repair our county roads

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