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Globe church adopts backpack program

Globe Christian Church’s youth program has adopted a backpack program for local elementary schools.

“Our youth has adopted the backpack program as one of the mission projects,” the church said on its Facebook page. “It’s truly a blessing to see how passionate they’ve become about seeing how they can make a difference and learning how by serving others we show them the love of Jesus!”

The program will provide one backpack to students identified as having food insecurity. They are given out on the last Wednesday of every month. The church will provide backpacks for both Upper Tygart Elementary and Carter City Elementary.

The church is seeking support in the form of prayer, volunteers, and donations. Volunteers can meet on the last Wednesday to help set up and pack backpacks. The bags will be given out by the youth resource centers.

In addition to money, the church is accepting donations of beef jerky, Pediasure shakes, hugs juice barrels, fruit cups, granola bars, pudding cups, individual bags of chips or pretzels, canned ravioli or other pasta, Vienna sausages, and/or beanie weenies.

Visit the church’s Facebook page for more information.

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