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Keith’s Post: Beware of technology in the hands of goofy politicians

I surrender. If I had a white flag, I would be waving it madly in front of my house.

This message is intended primarily for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the staff of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in Washington.

Of the silly e-mail messages sent to me in the last two or three weeks, I stopped counting at about four dozen. In fact, I can barely read the lettering on my keyboard’s “Delete” button.

Please don’t torture me with any more of those desperate e-mails at all hours of the day and night about saving the Democratic Party with campaign donations as small as one dollar.

And stop begging for my electronic signature on a petition to President Trump and the Republican leaders in Congress to abandon the NRA or make other ridiculously naïve political decisions.

For the last time, no, I am not going to accept your invitation to join a bunch of hooligans in harassing Sen. Mitch McConnell whenever he shows up in Louisville or anywhere else in public.

Like him or not, ole Mitch knows more about politics than most of those folks in Washington. I trust him to do the right thing.

Please, please stop trying to convince me that I am the only registered Democratic voter in Kentucky who has not contributed to this frantic, edge-of-disaster drive to save the Democratic majority in the U. S. House of Representatives.

I have one other recommendation and this one goes to Team Beshear in the race for governor of Kentucky.

I’ve already sent money for a bumper sticker and some other stuff. Please don’t send me any more whining appeals for campaign funds to compete with the dark money from the GOP millionaires.

I suggest you work smarter and let America’s most unpopular governor turn himself into America’s most unpopular ex-governor.

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