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Fiscal court moves forward with truck puchases

The Carter County Fiscal Court is moving forward on leasing three trucks for the road and solid waste departments.

Judge-Executive Mike Malone suggested the idea of leasing trucks during previous meetings and has pushed for it because it will allow the county to expedite moving road equipment and provide a truck for the popular Carter County Clean-up program.

At an initial cost of $424,000 the county is obtaining a triaxle dump truck to haul road materials, a road tractor truck to haul a low-boy trailer, and a roll-off container truck to transport trash containers.

The county will only be required to make interest payments each month, not paying on the principal balance. Interest is rated at 2.6-percent. While this sounds unusual, the county can purchase these trucks at a cost much lower than available through state contract programs. Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) administers this program.

When a government entity buys one of these trucks, they are not required to pay an excise tax that would normally be charged to privately-owned businesses. And, since the county is the first purchasers of these trucks, they can sell them at cost or sometimes with a small profit and whoever is the second buyer is not required to pay the additional excise tax.

Malone says the lowboy trailer will be used to haul road repair equipment around the county rather than driving the machines themselves to worksites. He believes this will significantly reduce the maintenance needs of the road equipment.

“We’re wearing out our graders,” Malone said. “…driving them from one end of the county to another.”

With the addition of the roll-off truck, the county will now be able to restart the popular county cleanup program. It was discontinued because it ran out of funds within five months. The county was paying a third party company $21,000 to just haul loaded containers to the dump, not including paying the tonnage fees when they arrive at a landfill.

Malone hopes to have a clean-up day once per week in each city. Grayson will most likely have the container on Monday and Olive Hill on Friday.

The trucks should be delivered within the next three to four weeks.

Cory Claxon can be reached at or by phone at (606) 225-5912.

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