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Pardon us for asking, but…. firearm safety bills?

With the body count from El Paso and Dayton at 31 and possibly going higher, why won’t Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell call floor votes on two House-passed gun safety bills?

We certainly don’t agree with those who protested at his Louisville home or with those who call him bad names or celebrated his shoulder injury.

McConnell has served our state well in the Senate. He may go into the history books as the most effective Senate leader of all time.

However, he is dead wrong to continue to hold those bills captive at a time when our nation is reeling over the latest mass shootings.

One bill passed by the House would require background checks for gun buyers in person-to-person sales. The other would have gun dealers wait 10 days instead of three for the results of background checks.

Also badly needed are capacity limits on ammo magazines and a ban on assault rifles.

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