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East Carter JROTC wins instructor award

Maj. Matthew Francis, above middle, brought home an award for the best JROTC Senior Army instructor (SAI) in his brigade.

East Carter HS JROTC is part of the 7th Brigade, which is a five-state region with 208 active Army JROTC programs.  This award is given to the best SAI in 7th Brigade annually at the Instructor Workshop, Camp Atterbury, Indiana.  

This award is given to the best SAI in the Brigade but could only be achieved through the dedication and hard work of the Cadets in the Program.  ECHS JROTC is one of the best Programs in our five-state region and continues to improve and grow every year. 

Award Criteria: (a) Service time as JROTC instructor must be at least nine months, (b) Certified as a JROTC instructor who has met all JROTC requirements, with no adverse actions taken against him/her, (c) Meets the eligibility criteria for the award of the JROTC Instructor’s Gold Badge, (d) Effectiveness in the classroom and community, (e) Dedication to the profession of teaching, (f) Activities other than JROTC, the nominee is an active participant in (member of a school committee, community involvement or advisory panel), (g) Increased enrollment or retention rate in JROTC, (h) Significant events that would weigh in the selection process; (Competition placement throughout the year, (I) Instructor’s use of the current authorized curriculum, (j) Instructor’s proficient with automation and applications, (K) Contributions made to the achievements of the mission of JROTC, (L) Results of the last formal inspection and unit report, (M) Enrollment and retention rate of the JROTC unit, (N) Completion of professional development courses/classes, (O) Competency in techniques and current instructional techniques/methodologies to instruct JROTC course material, (f) Examples of how the instructor has had an impact on Cadets (ROTC scholarships, Academy Nominations, College, Career, Enlistments).

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