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Agencies ask drivers to be cautious around school buses

Carter County 911 is asking everyone to observe the rules of the road as school gets underway this week.

The agency posted this image on social media which outlines who has to stop and who does not need to stop when a school picks up a child.

Essentially, unless there a physical barrier between lanes on a four-lane highway, all traffic must stop and yield to a school bus, including all traffic in either direction on two-lane roads. If you are driving in the opposite direction of the bus on a divided highway with median separation, you are free to proceed if the school bus puts out its stop sign and flashing lights.

“Please remember when driving that our children are on and off those big yellow buses.” the agencies posted on their Facebook. “When you see a school bus slow down and be observant for our little ones.”

The first day of school for students in the Carter County Public School District is Thursday, Aug. 8.

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