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Olive Hill Fire Department to have truck rebuilt and purchase used truck

The Olive Hill Fire Department is taking an innovative approach to replacing two trucks in their fleet.

The department’s rescue truck (pictured above) slid off a road earlier this year when the ground beneath it gave out, causing significant damage to the body. Insurance valued the damage at around $65,000 – $5,000 short of totaling the truck out.

Chief Chad Manning and Assitant Chief John Humphries presented the Olive Hill City Council with a plan to have the truck rebuilt into an “Engine-Tanker.” According to them, the chassis the truck sits on is still like new with low mileage.

The rebuilt truck will feature a 1,500-gallon pump and will cost around $200,000 for the total rebuild. Humpries said new trucks of this type usually cost at least $500,000.

A Corbin, Ky.-based business will be performing the rebuild and will be coming to inspect the vehicle in August.

Once the truck is rebuilt, it will be the first time in at least ten years since the department has had a vehicle equipped with a tank to provide an on-site water source.

Additionally, the department sold a ladder truck for $15,000 to help offset the cost of purchasing a new (to the department) rescue engine. The old ladder truck was a 1994 model year and the “new” one is a 1999 model year vehicle.

New (to the department) OHFD Rescue Truck

The new truck is a Dash Pierce, with seating for seven persons; six of which are SCBA (Self-contained Breathing Apparatus) seats that accommodate firefighter’s air tanks and related equipment. It has 46,768 miles on a Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, with engine brake, connected to an Allison automatic transmission.

The new rescue truck is overall larger in size and can refill a firefighter’s air tank on scene.

“It will go to the service [facility] to be painted after the official purchase of the vehicle,” Chief Manning said. “It will be black on top [to match the scheme of the department’s other vehicles].”

The Olive Hill City Council approved the department to take a loan out for $325,000 at a 4.25% interest rate from City National Bank in Grayson. The loan will cover the cost of the rebuild and the purchase of the used rescue truck.

Cory Claxon can be reached at or by phone at (606) 225-5912.

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