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Grayson council wrestles with $76,115 deficit

No motion or resolution was offered for Grayson’s 2019-2020 budget during Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Grayson City Council.

With the changes considered during a recent work session, a deficit of $76,115.64 still exists over expected revenues.

Mayor George Steele had previously asked both the fire department and police department to find where they can make cuts to satisfy this overage. All other departments have already been cut back as much as possible or as state requirements prevail.

“I’ve had a lot of push back on cutting the police budget.”

Mayor George Steele

Police Chief Kevin McDavid has already proposed not filling two positions within in his department, one full-time and one part-time. It has been suggested the department look their spending on overtime if they would like to fill the two positions.

The Grayson Fire Department responds more outside the city limits than they do inside the city limits. Currently, they only bill homeowners insurance if a property owner carries that type of coverage on their home. In other situations, like car accidents, they very rarely bill for their response as it’s not covered in automobile insurance. Occasionally, they will bill for special case responses – such as when they recently pulled a truck out of Grayson Lake.

As a solution for the fire department’s budget, it has been suggested they bill for any response outside the city limits.

Without any firm solution, Steele set up meetings with both the fire and police departments for Wednesday to attempt to find a compromise. He also invited up to three other council members to join him. Sunshine laws prevent more than three council members meeting in one place to discuss city business without a formal meeting announcement.

In other business, the council denied entering into an interlocal agreement with the Carter County Fiscal Court that would have the city pay $75 for each dog picked up within city limits along with a $750 yearly fee for spay and neutering costs.

Steele believed the city should not enter the agreement as city residents are already paying for it through their county property taxes. The proposal of the agreement will also be sent to the City of Olive Hill for their consideration.

The council also renewed its franchise agreement with Kentucky Power. The franchise continues to allow Kentucky Power to be the sole electric provider within already established boundaries for the next 20 years. This does not affect the Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative where it currently provides service.

Cory Claxon can be reached at or by phone at (606) 225-5912.

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