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H.E.L.Ping those in need: medical equipment for the less fortunate

Jean Adams didn’t know a simple statement to her visiting home medical provider would soon turn into a community movement aimed at helping the less fortunate secure needed medical equipment.

Adams has been spearheading an effort, since earlier this year, along with Nathana Hall, her home healthcare provider, to find and redistribute lightly used medical equipment into the hands of the people who need it most.

The program was dubbed “H.E.L.P” or “Health Equipment for Local People.” It has flourished from a word-of-mouth idea between her and Hall to an active Facebook group where people post requests and offer donations.

Adams says the program helped her come out of depression after her son died five years ago in a car accident. After the idea initially bounced around her and Hall, Adams said God spoke to her for several days and that he said it should be her to take on such a project.

The project aims at getting medical supplies to elderly, or otherwise needy persons, require whose insurance might not cover or can’t afford the copay to buy their own equipment. Adams didn’t realize how much of a need there was for sort of program until it started gaining momentum.

“I didn’t realize our senior citizens were forgotten.”

Jean Adams
Eddie shows the extent to which his garage his full of medical supplies.

Wheelchairs, walkers, toilet seats, and diapers are among just of a few of the items that Adams and her husband, Eddie, have collected, cleaned and/or repaired.

Equipment, however, is not their only focus. Adams explained that persons in assisted living still have to pay for their own toiletries is the reason why they stock up on what they can get and distribute the supplies when requested.

Much of this type of material is purchased out of pocket by the couple. While they’re happy to do so, it would beneficial if they could collect cash donations to purchase the supplies.

Eddie takes donated equipment, that’s still durable enough for use, and cleans it with bleach and alcohol before sending it out.

In addition to needing cash donations, they’re also running into another issue: storage. Thanks to many generous equipment donations, the Adams’ have filled a bedroom, their garage, and storage unit with used medical gear. Despite these shortcomings, the group has managed to help over 125 people.

Along with the Adams’ and Hall, Dana McKinney and Brenda Brightman also now sit on the board for the group and meet regularly at the Adams’ residence.

The group doesn’t expect equipment to be returned but says the majority of it is after its usefulness has run out for those that needed it. In other instances, some are skeptical of free assistance.

In once such case, Eddie explained, he was the grocery store when he noticed an elderly couple walking groceries to their car with a shopping cart, with only of couple of items within the cart. Eddie offered to carry the items to their car and return the cart. The gentleman explained that his wife needed the cart to be able to walk. Eddie quickly realized the elderly lady needed a walker and offered to run home, to grab walker, right then.

The gentleman told him they could not wait and had to get home. Eddie realized the man was skeptical, after handing him a business card, and asked the gentleman to call or stop by. Sure enough, within a few days, the gentleman called and picked up a walker for his wife. Eddie says the couple has been by several times for supplies.

While just one among many, stories like these warm the Adams’ heart as it is fulfilling the mission of the their cause.

For more information, call Adams at (606) 474-6423.

Cory Claxon can be reached at or by phone at (606) 225-5912.

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  1. Dee Adams Dee Adams July 9, 2019

    So proud of my Mom & Dad!! Love you both, Keep up the wonderful work, your touching countless lives!! She’s a blessing that needs to be shared with the world!!

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