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Fiscal Court approves purchase of road equipment, accepts asphalt bids

Carter County Fiscal Court met in special session on Monday, July 1 to address a few timely matters, including a claims transfer, bids for asphalt, purchase of road equipment and to draw lots for each district’s turn for road repair.

The first order of business was to approve a claim for county emergency management to purchase a truck more suited for the department’s needs. Emergency management had a one-ton truck they deemed was too large for their needs and sold it to the jail and used the funds from the purchase to buy a 2011 half-ton pickup truck for about $17,500.

The court then moved to accept bids for asphalt from American Asphalt, of Kenova, W.Va., Mountain Enterprises of Olive Hill and Mountain Enterprises’ Brushy quarry. Bids for limestone were also accepted from Hensen and both local Mountain Enterprises’ quarries (Olive Hill and Brushy). Specifics on these bids can be found by visiting the Judge-Executive’s office on the second floor of the Carter County Courthouse.

More than one bid was accepted for materials in order to be able to purchase materials from a location that would be most economical, depending on the location of the project. In another money-saving move, the county opted to haul the material and lay it themselves instead of other companies performing the work.

In other road-related business, the court approved Judge-Executive Mike Malone to purchase a pneumatic rubber tire roller to aid in the county’s effort to use “claycrete” and “chip and seal” to repair roads. The roller has staggered wheels to ensure the “claycrete” and chip (rock base) is fully and evenly rolled onto the road surface. “Chip and seal” is put down after “claycrete” has been used to repair the road surface and is laid on by first using hot oil and then applying the chip (rock base) onto the hot oil.

There are five roads which were not repaired before the paving season ended last year and those will be the first to be repaired: Cherokee Drive, Clearview Road, Princess Road, Zornes Branch, Mushroom Mountain Road, and Winterhaven Road.

Districts were then chosen, by random draw, for the order in which they would see their turn for the road repair equipment. Roads in Brandon Burton’s district five will be the first to see additional road repairs followed by Chris Huddle’s first district, Donnie Oppenheimer’s fourth district, Jack Steele’s third district and then Morris Shearer’s second district.

The Carter County Fiscal Court will meet again, in regular session, on Monday, July 8 in the fiscal courtroom on the second floor of the Carter County Courthouse.

Cory Claxon can be reached at or by phone at (606) 225-5912.

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